Hereditary Conditions


Since February 2014, LifeLabs has partnered with Centogene, a genetic diagnostic laboratory located in Germany, to provide high quality genetic testing with full clinical support to Canadians. LifeLabs offers genetic testing for certain conditions in our  Toronto-based state-of-the-art genetic testing laboratory.

Through our Centogene collaboration, LifeLabs now offers over 2,000 genetic tests, including molecular diagnostics, biochemical and metabolic testing. LifeLabs is dedicated to providing excellent service and making molecular testing for rare diseases easily accessible to Canadians. Our team of certified genetic counsellors is available to support clinicians throughout the genetic testing process.

How to order:

  • Use the search tool to find the gene and test type you are interested in ordering
    • Make note of the ‘test code’ as this will be required on the requisition
    • Please contact us for support
  • Download and complete the appropriate forms
    • Requisition
    • MOH funding application (if applicable, see below)
    • Please ensure that all sections are completed and signed by the ordering physician. The consent section must also be signed for testing to be performed
    • Please do not use the Centogene requisition forms
  • In Ontario or B.C., please send your patient to a LifeLabs patient service centre to have their sample collected
  • Ontario – for more detailed information on how to order in Ontario click here
  • British Columbia – for more detailed information on how to order in British Columbia click here.
  • For all other provinces please click here

Provincial Ministry of Health applications

Ontario MOHLTC Application Form

Quebec Application Form

British Columbia Application Form


Ashkenazi Jewish carrier screening brochure
Centogene Sample Report
Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) information brochure
Breast Ovarian Cancer  (HBOC) information brochure
Neurology information brochure
Cardiac information brochure

LifeLabs Genetics sample reports:
Positive carrier report
Positive Sanger report
Negative Sanger report
NGS report with VUS

About Centogene

Centogene is a world leader in molecular diagnostics and receives samples from over 90 countries worldwide. Their comprehensive database and medical expertise enables the provision of quality diagnostic reporting and medical interpretation of genetic information for patients. Feel free to visit for more information about Centogene.