Ask your doctor about ordering the right test for you

LifeLabs strives to make the ordering process as clear and simple as possible. If you have any questions about which test is the most appropriate or which forms are necessary please do not hesitate to contact us.

In general, each test option has a unique set of requisition forms available on their designated page. You can also find prepopulated Ministry of Health application documents for certain test options.

The following graphic was designed to give you an overview on the process. Please select your test option from the “Test Options” tab at the top of the page to proceed with ordering.

How to Order

Please contact us with your questions
1-84-GENE-HELP (1-844-363-4357)

Patient visits their healthcare provider (HCP)

Patient is counselled on appropriate testing options

HCP downloads the requisition and consent form from our website
• Apply for funding if applicable

Patient has their sample collected and sent to LifeLabs Genetics
(e.g.: blood, saliva)

Sample is received and processed

Results are returned to the HCP