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How to Order (Download Kit (Multi-Gene Panel Testing)) - LifeLabs Genetics Download Kit (Multi-Gene Panel Testing) - LifeLabs Genetics

To proceed with this test, we recommend the following steps.


Request a patient package by email


Visit your healthcare provider

Genetic testing is often ordered by a specialist, usually at a genetics clinic, who picks the type of testing based on a detailed physical exam, other tests/imaging, and intake of family and medical history. You can bring this patient package to your appointment, as it contains the necessary documents.
call toll free in Ontario
1-877-849-3637, and 1-855-412-4495

Get your results

Your sample will be analyzed by LifeLabs or its sequencing partner, and takes 4-6 weeks once received by our lab. A detailed patient report of your results will be sent to the ordering healthcare provider. Result interpretation guides are also available. Please consult with LifeLabs if you have any questions.

Contact Us

Genetic testing can seem complicated. Our team of certified genetic counsellors and client-care specialists are available to support you along the way.

To ensure we provide you with the correct information, please select your province.

To ensure we provide you with the correct information, please select your province.
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