How to Sign up for TreatGxPlus

Step 1: Open Your Account

By registering online you can:

  • View a dashboard of all your patients
  • Access your patients’ profiles including their pharmacogenetic information
  • Add or modify information about your patients
  • Create practice cases


Step 2: Receiving an Invitation from a Patient

Patients that purchase TreatGxPlus may send you an email invitation to access their profile after they receive their pharmacogenetic test results. Your patient’s TreatGxPlus profile includes her/his pharmacogenetic test report and TreatGx account. The pharmacogenetic results are automatically uploaded into TreatGx and are ready to use.

 Patients may send you an email invitation to access their TreatGxPlus profile which includes:

  • Your patient’s report with his or her pharmacogenetic test results.
  •  Your patient’s TreatGx account online. TreatGx is a medication decision support tool that generates safe and effective options by combining genetics and health information with the best clinical evidence.

You can update/enter your patient’s health information within TreatGx, and generate personalized medication options. The patient can see changes you make to their case by entering their account.

You can accept the invitation from your patient by clicking the link in the email.

If you have an account, select “Yes” and enter your username and password. If you do not have an account, select “No” and create an account. Please visit the “Creating your account” section for more information.

After you accept the invitation your patient will have been added to your case list accessible from your dashboard.


Step 3: Manage your Patients’ Medications using TreatGx

TreatGx is a software that provides personalized medication options by combining your patient’s genetic and medical information with the best clinical evidence. A series of drop down lists are used to enter information about your patient health status including age, weight, liver and kidney function. After filling the required fields, TreatGx will display personalized treatment options specific to your patient and his/her condition.

Click here for a full list of medications supported by TreatGx


Step 4: Using the Medication Options

After entering all the information, personalized medication options will be generated. The TreatGx options displayed include a list of medications, pricing, dosing, additional information for management of your patient’s condition, and guidance on how to optimize their current treatment.




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