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With a simple and easy self-collected cheek swab, TreatGxplus combines your genetic and non-genetic information (such as age, weight, blood pressure, allergies, medical conditions, and other medications) to identify medication options which will help you get on the right drug and the right dose today!

Is TreatGxplus right for you?

TreatGxPlus works best for people who are:
Taking multiple
Struggling to find an
effective medication
Proactively want to understand how their genetic breakdown effects future prescriptions
Embarking on a new
treatment plan
Living with a chronic
conditions such as...

Benefits of

Find the right medication and
dosage for you today and in the future
Get enhanced treatment options
with fewer side effects
Results that look at more than
just your genes
Together, the genetic test and online medication decision support tool cover thousands of medications and the most common chronic conditions
Be worry free: TreatGxplus is already trusted by leading health care providers and offered by company benefit plans across Canada!
TreatGxplus has the only online medication decision support tool in Canada easily accessed by you and your HCP

Is your medication covered?

Enter the name of your medication to see if there is a known genetic marker that impacts your metabolism or response to the drug.
View a full list of medications supported by TreatGxPlus service

focuses on:

Drug - Genetics

Do you have a genetic variation that may prevent you from getting the maximum benefit from your medication?

Drug - Drug

Are you at increased risk of side effects from taking multiple medications?

Drug - Medical Conditions

Is the medication you have been prescribed the best fit, given your specific medical conditions?

Drug - Health Factors

Does your weight, kidney, and or liver function impact the effectiveness of your current medication?

Patient Stories

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