Whole Genome Sequencing


Starting at $4500


  • Physician-ordered
  • Many specimen types are accepted, including blood, histology samples, tissue, and saliva
  • >99% of bases covered at >10x, average read depth of 30x
  • 97.6% sensitivity, 94.5% specificity 
  • Individual (Solo), patient and parental (Trio), and wider familial (Trio Plus) options
  • Deletion/duplication and mitochondrial analyses are included, when applicable
  • Results made available to your physician within 6 weeks; expedited turnaround is available
  • Includes a clinical diagnostic report, an optional research report, and optional raw data files
How to Order


Genetic tests yield a wealth of information – some of it unexpected. Consult with your healthcare provider, speak with your family, and ensure you have access to the latest information before proceeding. The field of genetics is always evolving – and so are we.


WGS is ordered under the guidance of a healthcare provider only. Contact us if you need help or have questions.
WGS requires a sample from the patient as well as samples from each of the biological parents, whenever possible (trio). Having parental samples can provide genetic insights and improve the results for the patient. With trio cases, reports will not be issued for the parents unless prior arrangements are made.
Advanced analysis options are available for both the Solo and Trio packages. Advanced options enable ordering physicians to select whether to include the mitochondrial genome, prenatal analysis, expedited turnaround, and more. Fees vary depending on the options selected.

Test Option Turn-Around Time
WES Solo + CNV
WES Trio + CNV
WES Solo (Prenatal)
WES Trio (Prenatal)
6 weeks
6 weeks
3 weeks
3 weeks
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Frequently Asked Questions for the Test

Have a question about genetic testing? Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQs) or contact us.
What does it mean to test positive for a genetic disease? Can I be cured? Will I pass genetic mutations on to my kids?

Genetic testing identifies whether you have a specific genetic mutation. It can also predict the likelihood of you passing on a disease-causing mutation to your children.

A positive result does not a guarantee that you, or your children, will develop a genetic disease. Other health, lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors may play a role in influencing whether, or how, the disease develops.

We do know that, at this point, the vast majority of genetic diseases cannot be cured. However, depending on what the disease is, interesting and helpful options to prevent and manage genetic disease are emerging daily.

The WGS test is intended for individuals with serious, legitimate medical concerns, especially those who need a speedy diagnosis for a rare disease.

The WGS test can provide so much information that it can be overwhelming – sometimes the information can even be contradictory given our current understanding of the human genome. It is a medical-grade test that is really most valuable when a physician or genetic specialist is looking to understand more about a specific, unusual disease or condition. Please contact us to determine whether LifeLabs Genetics offers a genetic test that fulfils your needs.

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How to Access to Genetic Testing

Our Customer Care Team is here to support patients and healthcare provider through this process, please contact us.


Learn about<br> LifeLabs Genetics <br>testing

Learn about
LifeLabs Genetics


Choose a test with your healthcare provider

Choose a test with your healthcare provider


Get the appropriate forms online

Get the appropriate forms online


Healthcare provider completes forms

Healthcare provider completes forms


Submit sample, requisition and payment* to LifeLabs

Submit sample, requisition and payment* to LifeLabs


Speak to your healthcare provider about your results

Speak to your healthcare provider about your results

*Most tests have provincial funding coverage; however in some cases payment must be required. The list of required documents, funding criteria and pricing is available on the product specific webpage.

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Genetic testing can seem complicated. Our team of certified genetic counsellors and client-care specialists are available to support you along the way.

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To ensure we provide you with the correct information, please select your province.
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