Medical Science and Laboratory Operations

Our dedicated team of highly trained staff ensures each sample passes through the entire testing process from collection through to results in as fast and effective manner possible. We work to make sure patients and physicians receive information reliably, accurately, quickly, and confidentially.

Key team members:

  • Dr. Ron Carter, Genetics Lab Director
  • Connie Lisle, Sr. Manager, Laboratory Operations
  • Dr. Val Lapin, Clinical Scientist, Genetics
  • Kim Chrisztopulosz, Technical Quality Specialist, Molecular Diagnostics
  • Amanda Cocca, Team Lead, Genetics

Clinical Genetics Services

The Clinical Genetics Services team consults with physicians, patients, and their families on genetic conditions. The team advises on test selection, gathers family history details, explains risks and limitations of genetic testing, describes patterns of inheritance, and connects people with additional resources. These board-certified, bilingual (English and French) professionals put the tests, the test results, and choices on how to move forward into perspective.

Key team members:

  • Dr. Debbie Terespolsky, Clinical Geneticist
  • Kate Gardiner, Manager and Genetic Counsellor
  • Tina Babineau Sturk, Genetic Diagnostic Specialist
  • Dawn Siciliano, Genetic Counsellor



Several in-house specialists support critical laboratory information management systems (LIMS). The team provides databases, software, scripts, etc. to ensure lab processes and protocols are executed smoothly on the equipment. They are responsible for systems integration, automation of scientific methodologies, and efficient processing of the data used to obtain test results – including the management of our bioinformatics pipeline. They collaborate with the laboratory operations team, external clients, and vendors to ensure equipment is used as it is intended and tests are performed as quickly and accurately as possible.

Key team members:

  • Dr. Terry Mark, Sr. Manager, Bioinformatics
  • Laura Birchall, Informatics Specialist
  • Barbara Huang, Bioinformatics Programmer

Test Partners

LifeLabs Genetics has partnered with several world-leading laboratories. These partnerships ensure Canadians have access to genetic tests for every stage of life & support a more personalized approach to healthcare

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Genetic testing can seem complicated. Our team of certified genetic counsellors and client-care specialists are available to support you along the way.

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To ensure we provide you with the correct information, please select your province.
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