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Blood collected in EDTA tubes    
Blood collected in Streck tubes        
FFPE (block, curls, or slides)      
Saliva (Oragene OG-500 kit)    
Buccal Swab (Oragene OCR-100 kit)        
DNA (extracted at a CAP, CLIA, or IQMH facility)      


If you are located in Ontario or BC, a LifeLabs Patient Service Centre is probably the best place to provide your sample for genetic testing. Your preferred clinic or healthcare providers may also order sample collection kits and provide collection services.

If you are unsure where to go to obtain genetic testing, please Contact Us.  We’d be happy to tell you your best option.


I am from Ontario or BC


LifeLabs Patient Service Centres have the kits and staff to ensure accurate, timely results. Click here to find a nearby LifeLabs Patient Service Centre.

LifeLabs accepts walk-in patients. However, to minimize wait times and ensure the team is prepared for your arrival, we highly recommend that you book an appointment prior to your visit.



I am outside Ontario and BC


To collect samples for the Panorama™ tests, LifeLabs Genetics has established partnerships with third-party laboratories in:

Please contact us for more details on sample collection at these sites, as additional paperwork may be required.


What to Expect at a LifeLabs Patient Service Centre

  • If you have doubts or questions about genetic testing, contact your healthcare provider or LifeLabs Genetics before providing a sample.
  • Fasting is not required for any genetic test.
  • If you require accommodations to increase your comfort during testing, contact us or let us know when you book your online appointment.
  • Use signed requisitions within 6 months; if the signature is over 6 months old, you may be asked to visit your physician again.
  • If your genetic test also involves analyzing samples from family members, you do not all need to go to the same PSC, at the same time; samples should, however, ideally arrive at the lab for analysis within a few days of each other to avoid delays in obtaining your results.




Bring a valid and completed requisition form for the test signed by a healthcare provider as well as a signed consent form. Present these forms to the medical laboratory assistant at the PSC.

Things to keep in mind:

  • To reduce your wait time, complete the personal information on the form ahead of time.
  • LifeLabs only accepts requisition forms other than the ones provided on this website for your selected test. These forms change from time to time. Please ensure you are using the latest version, or we may have to call you to get any missing information.


Bring your valid provincial health card each time you visit a Patient Service Centre.

For private-pay tests, your health card number will not be recorded in the system; it will be used as a form of identification only.



Make sure you pay before providing your sample.

  • If you haven’t already paid for the genetic test, you may do so at the Patient Service Centre.
  • For your convenience, LifeLabs PSCs accept these payment types: cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard, and debit card.

LifeLabs Patient Service Centres (PSCs):

  • Available in Ontario and BC
  • Open from Monday to Friday
  • Open Early (By 8 am)*
  • Open Weekends*
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Bilingual (French & English)*
  • Accept Walk-Ins
  • Take Appointments/Reservations
  • Have Genetic Testing Kits
  • Accept Cash, Debit, VISA, Mastercard, & Cheque
*Varies by Location

LifeLabs Genetics conducts life-saving and life-changing genetic tests from its lab in Toronto, Canada’s largest private genetics laboratory. With 15 other pathology laboratories across the country, LifeLabs has emerged as a specialist in lab design, equipment, processes, and security.

LifeLabs Genetics maintains College of American Pathologists (CAP) and Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH; ISO 15180 PlusTM) certifications. These accreditations keep patient safety, test quality, and regulatory adherence in focus and ensure a world-class patient and physician experience.

LifeLabs makes continuous investments in new diagnostic technologies. Results are computationally compared to ever-evolving, anonymized databases of clinical evidence
and then explained in comprehensive, personalized reports. Each test is run on regularly calibrated equipment to ensure sensitivity, accuracy, reliability, and speed.

Wait Times at Patient Service Centres

While the PSCs always aim to serve patients in a timely manner, wait times can vary depending on the tests needed and the number of patients at the centre.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Walk-in patients are served on a first-come, first-served basis, unless they have a previously arranged appointment.
  • PSCs collect samples and provide service for thousands of test types, not just genetic tests.
  • Typically, PSCs are a little busier in the mornings so wait times can be a little longer. For genetic testing, we recommend making an appointment in advance or visiting the PSC after the morning “rush.”

Patient Identification

Proper patient identification is crucial for testing accuracy. PSC staff will ask for your personal information twice during each visit. Once when you are registering and once again before your procedure, PSC staff will ask you to provide your:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Health insurance number

PSC employees will use the requisition form to produce labels that go on every form, container, slide, or test tube that holds your specimen(s).

At LifeLabs, protecting the privacy and security of personal information and biological specimens are essential and fundamental to our values and to the way we do business. Feel free to peruse the LifeLabs Privacy Statement for details.

Your Sample Collection Procedure

Your Sample Collection Procedure

During your procedure, LifeLabs’ professionally trained team of medical laboratory assistants will explain the procedure and try to make you comfortable. If you’ve had issues before with blood collection or need accommodations of any sort, let them know.

If a blood sample is taken, follow these steps to minimize bruising:

  • Apply pressure to the puncture site for at least two minutes.
  • Don’t lift anything heavy with that arm for at least 30 minutes after leaving the Patient Service Centre.
Your Results

Your Results

After your visit, a qualified LifeLabs courier will deliver your sample to a laboratory testing facility for processing.

The results will be reported to the ordering physician only. To get your results, contact your physician.

LifeLabs Genetics does not provide test results directly to patients without express consent from the ordering physician. Healthcare providers are essential to the the clinical genetic testing process.

Contact Us

Genetic testing can seem complicated. Our team of certified genetic counsellors and client-care specialists are available to support you along the way.

To ensure we provide you with the correct information, please select your province.

To ensure we provide you with the correct information, please select your province.
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