Choose an Ordering Method That Works for You and Your Patient

LifeLabs Genetics strives to make the ordering process as straight forward as possible. Tests may be purchased online (VISA or MasterCard only), at a LifeLabs Patient Service Centre (by cash, debit, cheque, VISA, or MasterCard), or using a payment form submitted with the collected sample (VISA or MasterCard only).

Each test has a unique set of requisition forms, which are available on the selected test’s page or the forms and requisitions page. In some cases, collection kits may also be available depending on the specimen type appropriate to the test being ordered. Forms, kits, and ordering processes may vary slightly by province and by test.

If you have any questions about ordering, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How to Order a Genetic Test in Canada

Since each province operates differently, it can be challenging to determine exactly where to send your patient for testing. There is no central repository of tests for the entire country; however, many labs will list the tests they offer on the genetic testing registry found here:

If there is a lab within your province that offers the appropriate test for your patient, you may be required by your Ministry of Health to utilize that laboratory. You will need to contact the lab in question to obtain their requisition form in order for the sample to be processed. If the test is not available in your province, you may be required to apply to your ministry of health to obtain funding on behalf of your patient. Ontario and British Columbia have specific applications forms which can be downloaded along with the requisition forms on this website. All genetic tests are not created equal and you may have questions such as whether common mutations versus full sequencing is best for each situation. Please contact our helpline and we will be pleased to support you.

How to Order a Genetic Test from LifeLabs



Discuss genetic testing with the patient.



Download the consent and requisition form for the selected test (if patient has not done so) and appropriate provincial funding forms if applicable.



Review collection and payment options (i.e., online ordering, payment at a LifeLabs Patient Service Centre, payment form, or government funding). Apply for government funding if appropriate.


Arrange to get a patient sample collected (e.g At a LifeLabs Patient Service Centre or ., via a kit in office).



Get results by fax or online portal. A genetic counsellor is available to discuss any questions you may have.



Review results with the patient.



How to Ship Samples to Our Lab

A LifeLabs Patient Service Centre is the most straightforward method of getting the blood, saliva, or buccal specimen to our lab, but it is not always the most convenient. With an appropriate sample collection kit, your patient can provide a sample anywhere, and you can ship the sample and forms to us in one of the following ways:

  • Drop off the sample and forms to any LifeLabs Patient Service Centre.
  • Ship the sample using FedEx to the address on our Contact Us page. FedEx shipping is included in the cost of the test if you use the LifeLabs FedEx account number. (Contact us to obtain the LifeLabs FedEx account number.)
  • Contact us to arrange a LifeLabs courier if you have a contract to do so.

Some tests require tissue samples (e.g., Prosigna®). Please contact us for special instructions for submitting tissue samples.


How to Change a Requisition

  • Changing Genetic Testing Instructions

    At LifeLabs Genetics, we are keen to provide useful, accurate, and reliable results. If your patient’s details change and you’d like to update a requisition that you’ve already submitted, contact us. We may be able to adjust the test to meet your new requirements within the usual turnaround time or send you an altered report.

  • Changing a Panorama™ Requisition

    The Panorama™ non-invasive prenatal test has a specific change authorization form. If the due date changes or the parents would now like to know the baby’s gender, for example, please complete and submit this form to speed up the change process.


Contact Us

Genetic testing can seem complicated. Our team of certified genetic counsellors and client-care specialists are available to support you along the way.

To ensure we provide you with the correct information, please select your province.

To ensure we provide you with the correct information, please select your province.
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